A wrapper for EasyRP that gets window titles using wmctrl for Discord RPC.


Dependencies: curl (used for downloading EasyRP on first run and grabbing list of icons from here on each run), wmctrl (for getting window titles), xprop (for selecting window to track).

Just run wmctrl-rpc, and it will automatically update your Discord RPC status based on the title of the chosen window. Run wmctrl-rpc win to select a new window to track or edit ~/.local/share/wmctrl-rpc/wmctrl-rpc.conf and instert a valid window class manually. Run wmctrl-rpc stop to stop wmctrl-rpc.

On first run, ~/.local/share/wmctrl-rpc will be created, and EasyRP will be downloaded to ~/.local/share/wmctrl-rpc. If the title of the window changes, the window is closed, or a new window is chosen to track, wmctrl-rpc updates EasyRP’s config file with the new information.


If an application you use is not listed in wmctrl-rpc’s icon list, please create an issue with a link to the application’s official icon in png format. As far as I’m aware, Discord RPC has no limit to the amount of icons that can be uploaded, so all requests should be granted as long as the icon is the official icon.


Is it not working but you’re not getting any errors or anything?

Please ensure under Discord Settings -> Game Activity -> “Display currently running game as a status message” is enabled/turned-on. If this option isn’t set, you will be very confused as to why it’s not working.

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