A wrapper for EasyRP that tracks MPRIS playing status for Discord RPC.


Dependencies: curl (used for downloading EasyRP on first run), playerctl, some player that supports MPRIS.

Just run mpris-rpc, and it will automatically update your Discord RPC status when a new song starts playing, the player status changes, or if the player changes. Run mpris-rpc stop to stop mpris-rpc.

On first run, ~/.local/share/mpris-rpc will be created, and EasyRP will be downloaded to ~/.local/share/mpris-rpc. If the song name, player status, or player changes, mpris-rpc updates EasyRP’s config file with the new information. mpris-rpc runs in the background and gets the status of players that support MPRIS using the following:

playerctl  metadata --ignore-player=mpv --format '|||||

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