yadshot uses ImageMagick or ffmpeg and slop to take screenshots. yadshot can upload screenshots, files, and pastes to


Dependencies: slop, imagemagick or ffmpeg, yad, xclip, curl, grabc (optional - for use with color picker)

To install yadshot just clone this repo, cd into the cloned git directory, and run sudo make install as shown below:

git clone
cd ./yadshot
sudo make install

To uninstall yadshot, just cd back into the cloned git directory and run sudo make uninstall as shown below:

cd ./yadshot
sudo make uninstall



--capture, -c       Capture a screenshot.  Screenshot will be shown after capture with
                    options to copy to clipboard, upload, or save.

--settings, -s      Show screenshot settings before capturing a screenshot.

--paste, -p         Upload a paste from your clipboard to  Text may also be piped in from stdin.

--file, -f          Open file chooser to upload a file to

--list, -l          List files uploaded to

--color, -C         Open color picker.  Color will be copied to clipboard if 'Ok' is pressed.

--tray, -t          Open a system tray app for quick access to yadshot.

If no argument is passed, yadshot's main menu will be shown.

Main Window:


Screenshot View and Tray:


Upload Paste:


View Upload List:


yadshot icon made by Pixel Buddha from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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